Renegade Miniature Aussies

Renegade Miniature Aussies

Spring Upcoming Litters


I think we are all starting to feel a little breath of fresh air!  (About Covid, anyway.)  American Airlines is still the only airlines open for pet shipments, but they are still on limited flights with some additional charges, and of course, they still can't ship out if *ANY* point along the trip hits 85 degrees or above.  (That's my airport, your airport, or the layover- and hours matter.)  Thank Heavens for FALL!!!  We will do all we can to plan flights to help your baby get home, but please understand, there are no guarantees of puppy flights so please be understanding with us and HAVE A BACK UP PLAN like driving, partial delivery, or flying here to pick up your puppy at the airport. 

Thank you all so much for your patience and amazing understanding during this chaotic time for us all!!

Interested in a Renegade Puppy or Upcoming Litter?

Email us at for more information or to be put on our waiting list!!    *$250 Deposit Recommended

*No deposit is required for us to notify you of the arrival of your preferred litter, however, placing a deposit will guarantee your choice of puppy or pick of the litter.  For example: if two people are waiting for a blue merle female (one with deposit and the other without deposit) and only one is born, the person with the deposit will be notified first and given the option to adopt her.  The other person will be informed after the deposit holder has made their decision as to the available puppies in the litter.  Picks shown in GREEN have paid deposits and are guaranteed.  Picks shown in black are notifications only and *can* be bumped further down the list if a deposit comes in for the same litter!

Our deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE *BUT are* TRANSFERABLE!  So if your perfect puppy isn't in the first litter, no problem!  Your deposit can transfer to any puppy we have available within one full calendar year!  With an average of 6-8 litters per year, we are sure to find your perfect puppy! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call!

Upcoming and Planned Litters