Renegade Mini Aussies

Renegade Mini Aussies

Steele is a fun loving, very "chill" kind of guy.  He likes to run and play, explore when he can, but he enjoys life as it comes and is never in a rush to do much of anything.  He is the absolute opposite of hyper, but he is very outgoing and loves everyone he meets.  He enjoys playing with puppies when he can and next to some good hugs and belly rubs, a good nap in the shade is the best thing in the world.  He doesn't know the meaning of the word "shy" and has no problem introducing himself to strangers.  I love that he shares this wonderful mellow with his little ones!

Renegade's Done Stole My Heart

Steele really puts his mark on his puppies!  They have lovely bone but small size, amazing personalities, and are gorgeous to boot!  

I am very happy with the quality of puppies we are seeing from him and I look forward to what he gives us in the future!

Steele's Story


Steele was born in our 2014 "Spy" litter between Red and Diesel.  Sneaky girl came into heat while at our in-law's house when we were on a trip, so I couldn't think of a better theme for the the stealthy, all tux, black tri litter.  There were three boys, and three girls.  Steele was the last born boy, born right after his brother Cruise.  I had to do a double take because the two boys looked almost exactly alike!  Steele was given his call name with the thought of naming him "Renegade's Doppleganger," which means "stolen identity."  As fitting and neat as it was, I just couldn't reconcile with it when it came time to actually register him.  He was sweet and fun, so full of AWESOME, and he had totally stolen my heart.  I felt Doppleganger just didn't do him justice and came up with "Done Stole My Heart" which seemed so much more fitting!  He is so much fun to have around here, I'm not certain he will ever leave.  He and Paris were my first keeper puppies ever and they grew up together.  They are family!  I love his goofy self so much and he passes his "chill" on to his puppies, most times.  Those of you with Steele puppies can attest- he is, and always has been, My Keeper!

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More Photos of Steele

Steele's Past Puppies

Eye color: Left- Blue, Right- Blue/Brown

Coat Color: Black tri

Ear set: Button

Bite: Scissor

MDR1: N/N or N/M