Renegade Mini Aussies

Renegade Mini Aussies

Schoonover's Little Spencer


Spencer came to us pre-spoiled!  He lived with a groomer that I am convinced is the reason he thinks he is hot stuff.  He was a good buddy for going on hikes and creating typical mayhem around the property.  He loves to rule the roost and protects his little harem by fluffing up and mouthing at the competition next door.

Spencer currently resides with our good friends at J&B Mini Aussies.  We still use him from time to time when it fits what we are looking for, but he is enjoying life with the ladies where he is.

Spencer's Past Puppies

​​Eye color: Blue

Coat Color: Blue Merle

Ear set: Button

Bite: Scissor

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Gotta love me some Spencer babies!  Who could imagine such boxy little babies could be so tiny??  Spencer is awesome for passing on his compact size and amazing structure while keeping well within the standard!

More Photos of Spencer


Spencer is a HOOT!  He is a rumbly bumbly, bounce off the walls, go-go-go little guy!  He is hot to trot and he KNOWS it!  He fancies himself THE ladies man- there is no other.  He bounces, he barks, he is sneaky and super smart!  If ladies are near by- no fences can stop him (well, maybe 4)- but he's sure going to try!  He may almost touch 14" on his tippy toes but he would take down a bear if you let him tell the story, and he might even try if you let him!  His puppies are a lot like he is, rambunctious and bouncy but very sweet!  Occasionally we get one that must get the genes from momma because they are couch potatoes, but most Spencer babies are high drive and ENERGY!




Spencer's Story