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Renegade Mini Aussies

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It's been a long time coming, but after a couple years off, we have regained our love for the show ring!  For a puppy buyer looking from the outside in, showing might not seem all that important.  However, it is VITAL to having a successful program!  Think of how AMAZING your kids are- SO much better than everyone else's, right?  (I know mine are, ha!)  It works that way with a breeder's dogs too.  It's called "Kennel Blindness" and it can make you think that your stuff is HOT, when it's really not.  Having an experienced judge put hands on your dog and tell you what they like and don't like helps keep you feet on the ground and give you goals to work towards instead of blindly following your love for your dogs down a bad path.  It was a little nerve wracking to jump back in the ring after so long, but for our first go at it- I'd say we did pretty good!  One thing is for sure- we can't wait to do it again!!

                                                                August 10-12, 2018  ASDR East Texas Extravaganza

                                                      This was our first ever ASDR show, so we only took 4 dogs to give it a try.  My 8 year old daughter, Racheal, brought her dog along and helped

                                                       with one of mine.

Toys were up first, and Trigger, Renegade's Thin Blue Line, took first in the class, Best Male, then Best of Breed Toy Australian Shepherd all from the 6-9 month puppy class!  He was being seriously considered for Best in Show Puppy, but was narrowly beat out.  The judge was sweet and even came up to me after the show and said she "if only he wasn't a bit high in the rear!"  I can't complain, she's right.  Trigger earned enough points to gain his ASDR Level 1 Championship Title!

Racheal showed Jag, Renegade's Little Red Jaguar, against Trigger.  Jag had a BLAST in the ring but couldn't stand still to save his life!  Lol  Even though he was beat out by Trigger, Jag also earned enough points to gain his ASDR Level 1 Championship Title today!

After lunch, the Minis were up and it was the girls' turn.  Mercedes, Renegade's Red Hot Mercedes, was NOT a fan of the show ring and was ready to be done with it long before we got started.  She was awarded enough points to earn her ASDR Level 1 Championship Title, but the judge and I agreed- showing just isn't her thing.

Beanie (Renegade's If Looks Could Kill) on the other hand, is Racheal's dog and she was ready for her close up.  Racheal and I both watched an exceptional red merle line up ahead of us and both figured she was a shoe in for the win, but the judge favored Beanie and gave her the class win!  When they went back in the ring for the winners competition, Beanie was beat out by the pup from the 3-6 month puppy class.  We were a little disheartened until we watched that pup go all the way to Best in Show!  If it wasn't for the BEST IN SHOW winner beating us in the classes, I truly believe Beanie would have gone much farther.  Regardless, Racheal and Beanie are officially hooked on showing, and Beanie picked up her ASDR Level 1 Championship Title!