Renegade Mini Aussies

Renegade Mini Aussies

How to get your furbaby home: Shipping

So now that you have found your perfect pup, how do you get her home? 
There are many ways to get your Renegade puppy in your arms, and the choice is up to you!  But first, let's talk briefly about the new USDA dog laws.

The New Dog Laws
In November of 2013 a new law went into effect in an attempt to limit the span of puppy mills by restricting all online puppy sales to only "pet shop" type sales.  This basically means they want the buyer to see the puppy in person, and have the option to refuse said puppy, before the purchase is complete.  The other option is for the breeder to become government licensed and regulated.*  (More info on this available below)  We are choosing not to become licensed so all PET puppies from Renegade must be "seen first" and will be available to go to you in one of the methods below.  Puppies going to breeding, working, sport, or therapy homes are excluded and may fly sight unseen.

Shipping Options
1.  The BEST and easiest option: Pick up.  10/1/2018 UPDATE: As of 10/1/2018 we will no longer allow visitors to our home.  It is nothing personal but every visitor to our property brings with them the bacteria on their feet from all the places they have visited, whether they mean to or not.  Twice now, we have had visitors unintentionally bring something to our home that has harmed our program and our hearts beyond repair.  It is just not worth the risk. We will happily meet you locally at the point of town that is nearest to you.  We will be happy to spend time with you there as your new baby plays in the grass and let you ask any questions you may have!

2.  Partial or Full Delivery.  We enjoy traveling, and have family that travels even more than we do.  It is certainly possible for us to drive to meet you with your new furbaby, or maybe even bring him all the way home in the right circumstances.  Just let us know where you are and where you want to meet, and we will set a price for delivery.

3.  Air Delivery or Pick up.  If you are too far away to drive, I would be happy to bring your puppy to you or have you fly in to pick him up!  Most Minis and all Toy puppies will fit under the seat in front of you on the airplane.  This keeps them in sight at all times and is less stressful on the puppy (and the new owner!).  We will discuss the flight options available and book the one that is the most cost and time effective.  When puppies fly in cabin, the cost is usually only $75-$125 more than the flight for the human.  All flight costs will be the Buyer's responsibility, so if you enjoy flying you are more than welcome to fly into Little Rock and take the puppy back yourself!  I will gladly meet you at the airport with your little pupperoni all bundled and ready to fly!

4.  Designated Professional Liaison.  The new law does allow for you to designate a representative, other than the breeder and the vet issuing the health certificate, to see the puppy in person for you.  They will serve as your eyes and hands to be sure the puppy is in great health before your purchase.  In this case, you could use our local yellow pages to find a near-by veterinarian, groomer, etc to view the puppy for you.  I can also provide a list of area professionals I have discussed this process with in advance for your selection.  Those on this list are not relatives, friends, or anyone I have a relationship with outside of this instance so they will show no favoritism and will remain completely objective for the observation.  I will take the puppy to them, have them give the puppy a full overview, and sign a statement listing their findings.  I will then take a photo of them with your puppy and the signed statement for my records and yours.  NOTE* veterinarians may charge an office visit and groomers may charge a service fee to do this so please be sure to discuss this with them and make arrangements to pay it before they see the puppy.  You may then take this information and decide if you wish to proceed with the adoption, delay it, or decline it.  If you choose to proceed, we will schedule the flight and get your puppy to you as soon as possible!

5.  Lastly, Self Sight.  In this case, you will get to see the puppy in person, at your home, before deciding if she is a good fit.  We will add a clause into your contract stating that she is coming to you with a 24 hour unconditional guarantee.  She will fly to you,  and you will take her home.  You can love on her, feel all over, look her up and down, even take her to the vet if you'd like!  She is all yours for 24 hours!  In that time, if you are unsatisfied with her for any reason, just let us know.  Once she is returned to us, we will refund 100% of the purchase price, no questions asked.  The buyer assumes any and all shipping charges involved for both the receiving flight of your puppy and the return flight back to Renegade.  Those choosing this option *MUST* contact us within the 24 hour window to inform us whether the puppy is staying or returning or we will assume you love your puppy and are having way too much fun with your perfect match to return her.

How Shipping Works

Believe it or not, shipping our puppies by air is very simple and actually very affordable!  When making the final payment for your puppy, just add $300-350 (depending on season) to the total to cover EVERYTHING!  The new crate he will be shipped in, his trip to see the vet for a full examination and health certificate, AND THE FLIGHT ITSELF!  Flights used to run $350ish by themselves but we were blessed to find a company that works with the airlines to give us a MUCH better rate!  We will also need the name of the person picking him up at the airport, their address and phone number, and the three closest airports to them in order of preference.  At that point, we will purchase the crate, and schedule the vet appointment and flight.   When the time arrives for the vet appointment I will take him in and send you a full report on his health status!  If I have your cell number or Facebook messenger I like to snap a few candid pictures while waiting.  :)  The day of the flight starts very early since most puppies leave between 6 am and 7 am (which means they must check in at least TWO HOURS EARLIER, and I have a bit of a drive to even get to the airport.. Not to mention the bathing, packing, etc before we go.  Then, we are off to the airport!  Puppy is given a snack and some ice water to tide them over on the flight, all accessories are strapped down, and the trolley takes him straight to the plane for boarding.  Little Rock is a very small airport so the puppies stay in the air conditioning (or heat in winter months) until time to board the plane.  There is never a need for any dog to be placed "on a hot tarmac" like you hear in shipping horror stories because the plane is just a quick jog away.  After the puppy is all checked in, I will send you a picture of him in his crate- the last photo before he is in your arms!  You can use the airway bill number at or to track your puppy's progress.  Rest assured, I will be doing the same!  When you go to pick up your puppy, just go to the airline's cargo center at your airport or if unavailable, the ticket counter, present your ID (they want to be sure they are giving the right baby to the right owner!) and they will give you your brand new best friend!  

Now, at this point you are technically all done.  Puppy is bought, paid for, and in your arms.  *BUT* the airlines aren't the fastest at updating that last step- you know, PICK UP, and often shows the baby waiting at the airport for a few hours SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Call, text, or twilight bark to your beloved breeder (ME) that your baby is safe in your arms!  My heart would be ever so grateful!!

Finally, my job doesn't end when you have your puppy in your arms!  I am always an email, text, or call away to answer any questions you may have for the life of your aussie!  I will gladly offer help in any way I can!  I have access to resources you may not think about.. We have a breeding specialist vet within 5 miles of our house.  I used to work for him, so I trust him.  I am a member of many aussie breeder groups, so if I haven't heard of it, maybe they have.  I can't promise that I will have all the answers, but I can promise that if I don't know, I'll do my very best to find out!

Why We Are Choosing Not to License
*Sounds great, doesn't it?  All Buyers seeing all puppies before they pick one or more strict regulations on puppy mills..  Unfortunately, this is not as "peachy" as it seems.  Limiting the buyer to only puppies they can see and touch in person greatly limits you!  Not everyone can be so fortunate as to have a Renegade Mini Aussie litter within driving distance!  ;)  And for us, becoming licensed would mean we would have to spend the money we use for dog toys, shows, health testing, quality dog food, vet care, etc on a kennel building that would take our dogs out of our home and force them into cages.  The USDA calculation for the amount of space our dogs would need is about 6 square feet.  SIX!  That is two feet wide by three feet long!  FOR AN AUSSIE!  I refuse to reduce the amount of space, quality of care, and LOVE our dogs receive for a piece of paper saying I am licensed- hence the few additional steps to ensure you are thrilled with your new puppy AFTER seeing him in person!  

It would also grant the right of agents to invite themselves into our home any time they want between the hours of 7am and 7pm.  If we decline to let them inspect our HOME at that time we MUST let them in the next time, convenient or not, or we would be in trouble.  Big trouble.  And if it happened again, say while we are at dance or gymnastics or soccer, they would be allowed to come into our home and take our CHILDREN'S PETS AWAY.  No thank you! 

Lastly, The licensed breeder list is made PUBLIC by the freedom of information act.  This would give animal rights activists (and anyone else) our personal home address.  If you haven't seen the news reports, the number of cases is growing nationwide of those doing harm to dog breeders "for the sake of the animals."  Puppies are being poisoned, breeders are being terrorized, and dogs are being killed because of the belief that dogs are "better dead than bred."  It is not worth waking up to find that someone has come into my children's play yard and then into the dog yards to poison our beloved pets just because another person disagrees with us.

I know that this adds a small bit of required effort to us and our puppy families when trying to get your puppy home to you, but the safety of my family, fuzzy ones included, FAR outweighs the small benefit of being able to ship puppies "sight unseen."  We have NEVER had a complaint about any puppy we have ever shipped "sight unseen" before the new law passed, and those that have gotten them through these methods have been just as happy if not even moreso!  We put our heart and soul into these babies because we know that they will take a part of ours until they can become a part of yours!  Thank you, for your understanding!