Renegade Mini Aussies

Renegade Mini Aussies

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Mini Nubian Goats

Great Pyrenees Dogs

My goals are simple.  I want to use this land that we have been SO BLESSED with to help provide for my family, teach my kids responsibility, and give them an amazing place to live, grow up, and have their own Renegade Dreams in.  We want to love our animals and provide for them the best life they can get, so they can in return provide for us at the end of their lives.  We go by the "one bad day" rule here.  Every animal lives it's best life and only has one bad day- it's last day.  I would love to eventually get to the point that the majority of our food is grown or raised here on the farm.  Each season brings us closer, but we still have a lot to learn.  Feel free to follow along with us on Facebook at Renegade Dreams Farm and see the latest updates on spring babies, fresh eggs for sale, or new adventures we are having!  Thank you for stopping in!

Coturnix Quail

American Bresse Chickens

Welcome to the online home of the Renegade Dreams Farm!  Why "Renegade Dreams" you ask?  The name is two-fold.  The first, and most important part is that it's RENEGADE!  It's CRAZY!  Who in their right mind would uproot THREE GENERATIONS of family to move across the state to an area practically unknown and start a farm?  That's what Renegade means to me- but it's been a dream of my family for over four generations.  My grandparents used to tell me all about their lives growing up on the farm and how the so desperately wanted to do it again, with all of us there with them.  As times became more complicated, everyone just longed for the days of more simple times and a closer family.  When we were all presented with the opportunity to buy this large piece of family land, that all 3 families could move to- it was a dream come true!  A Renegade Dream come true!  The second part?  I've been known as "Renegade Mini Aussies" in the Aussie world for about 10 years now, so it fit just perfectly.  ;) 

This land holds more meaning to us than we could have ever imagined, and we are learning more and more about this little town and our connection to it every year.  Apparently, my Great Grandfather came here to preach a revival and fell in love with the little town and the people in it.  He prayed that he would be called to move his family here but believed God was telling him it just wasn't time yet.  Several generations later..  My grandmother had a dream about this land before we found it.  We were looking at a different property and she (having never seen it) told us that was not the right one God had for us.  We tried for it anyway thinking we could make it work, knowing it would be a TON of work, but of course it fell through.  We opened our search boundaries which led us farther from our original destination, but right to this property- in this same little town.  Wouldn't you know it- it was exactly how she had described the property she said God had waiting for us?  I mean, doesn't this look just like a piece of Heaven to you?!?  God knows what He's doing and He hears your Dreams.. Even if they are a bit Renegade!

Making a Generational Family Dream a Reality!