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When we learned we were going to be moving, I dove head first into research to learn more about what animals we thought we wanted/needed on the farm and what we had available to us near-by.  My oldest daughter and I went to a livestock auction and fell head over heels in love with a tiny spotted baby "boer" goat.  We named him Marbles and brought him home.  We actually tried to rescue a couple others, but they were in such rough shape one died before we ever saw it and the other died a few days after we got her home.  Our vet said there was nothing else we could do for her and as she had been named "Mercy" from the start, we showed it to her again and sent her home in peace.  Talk about a rocky start!  BUT, I learned very quickly that I ADORE goats!  They are suck fun and quirky creatures and I pretty much need a baby goat around at all times.  You simply CANNOT be in a bad mood when there is a baby goat around!  We got a couple more "boer" goat girlies for Marbles to have as friends, and then I tried my hand at raising a couple of beautiful spotted bottle babies the Christmas we moved into the Farm House on the property.  I realized during the transition that the second two goats were clearly not what I wanted in boer goats and our spoiling of Marbles had really made him quite the jerk.  Pretty or not, you head butt my kids (human kids) and you don't get to stay.. so Marbles and the girls moved to another farm.  The two new spotted girls, Hope and Noel, were amazing!  I knew upfront that they were mixes of Boer, Kiko, and Nubian, and somehow, that cross kept the smaller than a standard sized goat, which was perfect!  We had several "meat" options on the farm already, so I wanted to look into a dairy breed and give milking a try.  This led us to Mini Nubian Goats.

I don't like to pass animals around, so I wanted to find the perfect little herd to start with, or I guess to add to my couple of adorable little mutts.  It felt like forever, but I finally found two gorgeous little does I just couldn't live without, and wouldn't you know it!  Their best friend jumped right in my car and insisted she come home too!  So we started the journey with 3 darling little doelings.. Buttercup, Snickers, and Skye.  All MDGA registered F2 Miniature Nubians.  We had the girls, now we needed to start the hunt for the right buckling!  I looked near and far for the perfect buckling and none of them jumped out at me.  What I did find, however, was an F5 adult male that was already mature, proven, and known for being exceptionally gentle, even in rut.  He was moonspotted, and came from a nice line of milk star mothers, so he would give both of those traits to his daughters we kept here at the farm!  The only downside was that he was ready to leave his new home right away, and our girls were still babies.  He was worth it, so we brought home our loving Larkspur and the little girls got to grow up in the backyard!  

The little milk ladies are taking their darling time growing up.  Snickers barely hits my knee at the withers and I'm not a tall lady!  They are coming up on a year old yet, so will we continue keeping them apart from Larkspur and let them grow out some more.  Another 6 months should hopefully allow for another growth spurt and put them in the same size range as Hope and Noel.  In the mean time,  Larkspur and Hope gave us our first Renegade Dream Goat baby and she is the most precious thing ever to grace the farm!  With all of her chocolate spots, she's been dubbed "Kisses."  It looks like Miss Noel may be expecting her first little one(s) in the next couple of months, so maybe just maybe, we will survive until the fall when all the little milk babies arrive!

Renegade Mini Aussies