Renegade Mini Aussies

Renegade Mini Aussies


We ship with American Airlines and of course, for the safety of our puppies, they can't ship out if *ANY* point along the trip drops below 20 degrees.  (That's my airport (FSM), your airport, or the layover- and hours matter.  Look at to keep up to date with your flight and see if it's going to be too cold to fly out).  Since we are in a weird season, they also can't fly out if any point along the way is 85 degrees or over, so keep that in mind as well if you missed this cold front for this unusually hot winter.  We will do all we can to plan flights to help your baby get home, but please understand, there are no guarantees of puppy flights until things regulate so please be understanding with us and HAVE A BACK UP PLAN like driving, partial delivery, or flying here to pick up your puppy at the airport. 

Thank you all so much for your patience and amazing understanding during this chaotic time for us all!!

Talk about a nursery full!  We are crawling with new littles here and quite literally have our hands and our hearts full!  If you want more details or photos of a specific pup or two, fill out our new Application form so we can send those along and be sure we are helping match you with your new best friend.  Don't forget to check out and like our Facebook Page!  Puppy photos are regularly shared there first and more frequently, and I can chat right back with you in a snap!  

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The Deposit Contract is for unborn puppies.  If you are placing a deposit on a puppy with a name, use the Pet Contract above.  If you are wanting breeding rights, you must get that directly from me.

UPDATED  3/16/2022

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There's a page for that!

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UPDATED  3/16/2022

Like what you see but don't see what you are looking for?  

Place a deposit on one of our upcoming litters to get the pick of the litter!

Nursery Terms:  

AVAILABLE- This puppy is ready for a deposit!  Inquire freely and get more photos and information to see if they are a good fit for your family!

ON HOLD- This puppy is being held until 8-10 weeks old to determine if they are a good fit for our own breeding program.  They may become available at this time, so feel free to inquire about them!

PENDING- A potential family has shown interest and is sending a deposit for this puppy.  When the deposit arrives, the puppy will be listed as RESERVED.  If not, it will be available again in a few days.

RESERVED- This puppy has received a deposit and is being held until pick up.  In rare cases, they may become available again, but their photo is mainly here to show cuteness at this point.  :)

SOLD- This puppy has been paid in full and is not available.  We will remove the listing soon.

*Sigh..*  Puppy Breath!  Thank you for your interest in adopting your very own Renegade Puppy!    
We do our very best to take pictures that accurately capture each puppy's true look and ideally, their personality.  Above all else, we want to be sure that you are happy, no- THRILLED! with your Renegade puppy and always do our best to ensure a good fit.  Even if one particular puppy captures your heart, please tell us about your family and what you want out of a pup.  Every puppy has a different personality and the pampered couch potato you fell in love with may never be happy going hiking with your active family every weekend, or your tiny house pet may have a herding instinct like crazy and need more space to run and a job to do..  Knowing these traits up front can help you make the best decision for your family.

Our #1 priority is finding the very best home for our puppies and we are more than willing to work with you to help your dream puppy come home!  We are very easy to work with and always have an open line of communication with our puppy families- past, present, and potential.  :)  When you express genuine interest in a particular puppy, we will gladly hold it for you for 24 hours to make a final decision as to whether or not he/she will be a good fit with your family.  During this time, other inquiries on your puppy will be put on hold until your decision is made.  At the end of the 24 hour hold, you can make your deposit (or other arrangements on a case by case basis) or release the hold and the puppy will become available to other families once again.  

Deposits can be done via Paypal (add 4% for fees), Wal-Mart money gram, checks, or money orders.  If mailing the deposit, we will extend the hold on your puppy for 3 business days while waiting for the deposit AND SIGNED CONTRACT to arrive.  (Contract can be found below under section titled "About Renegade Puppies".) Once we have it in hand, the puppy will be removed from advertising sites and listed on the website as "Reserved" and will no longer be available to any other parties.  If the deposit hasn't arrived by the morning of business day 4, the potential owner will be notified and if still interested, will be given an additional 48 hours for it to arrive before the hold is released.  We are happy to accept pre-dated checks for serious deposits provided that the agreed upon date of collection is a full two weeks before the puppy will leave our home in order for the check to clear the bank. Without a deposit, prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

​Have other questions not answered here or in your puppy's profile below?  Feel free to contact us!!

NEW PHOTOS of Past Renegade Puppies

Not for sale!  Already in their new homes!

When you send the deposit to reserve your puppy you are agreeing to this contract whether you sign it or not, so please read it!

NOTE:  *ALL* Renegade Mini Aussies are placed under a contract, even though most of our puppies are placed 

in pet homes. This is not only to protect the lines we have worked so hard for and those that were entrusted to  

us by others, but it is mainly to protect THE PUPPY!  

About Renegade Puppies

All Renegade Mini Aussies are born in our nursery, which was born of our garage, where they receive love and attention daily to help them develop mentally, physically, and socially.  


Puppies stay with Mom until 10 weeks old.  From 4-7 weeks, they enjoy our indoor play yard, floored with turf and filled with toys to build their imagination and encourage exploration in the safety of a sanitary environment.  At 7 weeks old, the puppies and Mom are moved to a transition pen with an attached outside play yard where they can play on real grass (soon to be turf), sand, and dirt while still enjoying the comforts of the nursery via doggie door.  This also helps them learn to differentiate outside/"potty area" from inside/"home".  


Puppies will receive their wormings at 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age, and their vaccinations at 6, 8, and 10 weeks of age.  Before they go home, they will have been on multiple surfaces, met many varieties of animals, had their first shots, wormings, baths, and will have made their first car ride.


Each puppy will come with their registration papers, health records, bag of their food, and a toy to help ease the transition of moving to a new home to join their forever family.

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