Renegade Mini Aussies

Renegade Mini Aussies


More Photos of Paris

These were the babies from Paris and Steele's first litter!  They were tiny and THICK, with great heads, lush coats, and even better personalities!  All three went to loving pet homes, but rest assured, I kicked myself in the hiney for a long time over that blue boy!  But he couldn't have found a better home, and that makes my heart happy.

​​Eye color: Left- Blue, Right- Blue/Brown

Coat Color: Blue Merle, Copper, White

Ear set: Button

Bite: Scissor

Paris is a sweetheart!  She loves everyone and adores attention!  She likes playing with other dogs and she follows my 18 month old everywhere in hopes of getting a belly rub!  She gives kisses freely and enjoys snuggling, playing, and anything involving the slightest bit of attention.  She is a fantastic mother and passes her awesomeness onto her puppies.

Paris' Story





Paris was born and raised here at Renegade.  The moment she was born I jumped up and down and did the happy dance because I knew I couldn't have asked for a more perfect baby.  And as she grew up, she never failed to surpass my expectations.  She is everything I want for my program and more!

Early this year, a heat light was knocked down in the dog building and burned through the floor.  Praise the Lord it didn't fully catch fire, but the burning floor boards filled the room with smoke.  Braylyn sounded the alarm to get our attention, but having been busy with a project, we didn't hear her until it was almost lit.  Paris had three gorgeous puppies at the time in this room and chose to stay with them instead of going outside where it was safe.  Even after we put out the coals, and were evacuating the building, she refused to move from her puppies until we had them in our arms to carry to safety.  I truly believe if we wouldn't have caught it in time and that building went down that she would have stayed right there with those babies to the very end.  A mother's love knows no bounds, and Paris tops them all.

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Paris' Past Puppies

Renegade's One Night In Paris