Renegade Miniature Aussies

Renegade Miniature Aussies


Timberline's Slick Alibi

CH Renegade's Little Red Jaguar


Red Tri

CH Loaner x Hallie


Blue Merle, Left Eye Blue,  13.5"

Right Eye Amber

Sire: CH Cabalina's When the Thunder Rolls

Dam: Cabalina's Little Lulu

CH Lindsey's Premonition

CH Renegade's Thin Blue Line


Double BET 

Gus x Glory

Blue Merle, Blue Eyes   13.5"

Sire:  Anderson's Blue Eyed Shooter (BET!)
Dam: Anderson's Little Blue Tigger

We are so very blessed to have such an amazing relationship with my good friend Jamy of J&B Mini Aussies!  She lives about an hour away from us and we frequently work together to help each other better both of our programs.  These are some of her boys we have used in the past and/or plan to use in the future.  There is no other breeder I will recommend as highly as I do Jamy.  If I don't have what you are looking for- She's the first person I ask.

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Renegade's ______


Blue Merle

Gus x Jewel

CH Lindsey's Lost on a Loan to Color Country

Schoonover's Little Spencer

Renegade's What Can I Say Except You're Welcome


Gus x Bella

Rimfire Boaz

Renegade's ______


CH Jag x Luna

*Looking for Retirement Home*

Blue Merle   Blue Eyes   18.5"

Sire: INT CH Hardzog's Hooey
Dam: Renegade's The Tigress Awakes

Renegade's Dante's Inferno*


Black Tri

Hero x Willow 2

Renegade's Some Gave All

EchoCliff CircleKFarm LvnLife W/Gusto

Black Tri, Blue Eyes   17"

Sire: Mayes MercyMe Tic Toc Tic Toc

Dam: Timberline Stellar Girl

Our Retired/Retiring Males

Full Panel Clear

The Boys of J&B


HC: N/N 

MDR1:  N/M

Renegade's How to Train Your Dragon


Black Tri

Gus x Jewel




MDR1:  N/N



MDR1:  N/N


​HU: N/N

​DM: N/N

J&B's Pure Country

Future Studs

Current Studs- Pages Coming Soon!