Renegade Mini Aussies

Renegade Mini Aussies

Mighty's Story

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Mighty has just now had his first litter with us here at Renegade.  He sired a few litters before coming home and they are very, very nice.  Thick bone, great heads, lovely ear sets..  You would never know from photos that he is only 14" tall!  These are his current babies you can see in the Nursery, and I will update them as he spends more time as a family man here at Renegade.  ;)


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Mighty wasn't born at Renegade.  He was born in a litter of seven, and he was the only tri.  His bright copper was apparent very early on and his little milk mustache just stole my heart.  I tried to get him at a few months old but had no luck.  Then when he was a little over a year old, I had the chance again and jumped.  There was some confusion in the process and when he was finally picked up he had really declined from when I last saw him and I wished so hard I had pushed harder to get him the first time around.  I had been talking with a friend about him and she offered to get him back in shape and do his showing for us, so off he went to Natalie in Washington with Runnin Wild Aussies.  Mighty had a blast and did very well with Natalie's guidance.  He finished his National and International Championship titles with ease, and only needs one more show to finish the title for Honor Champion as well.  I thought for a while Mighty might end up with Natalie for good, but life shifted a bit and he was able to come home to Renegade last summer.  We are finally starting to see the puppies we have long dreamed of and they were SO WORTH THE WAIT!

Mighty is one cool dude!  He likes fun in any fashion and LOVES to go out and play ball!  He can certainly be a bit stubborn and set in his ways (old dog in a young dog's body!) but he really has been a delight to own.  He is as sweet as they come and loves everyone he meets.  He certainly has his way with the ladies, too!  We are very glad to have him back home and are already in love with his little ones!

Mighty's Puppies

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Eye color: Brown

Coat Color: Black tri

Ear set: Button

Bite: Scissor


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