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Loaner's Story


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Loaner's Puppies

Loaner is very shy and it takes him a while to warm up to people.  He was raised as a kennel dog and it shows.  He is not aggressive in the least (although he, like most intact males, doesn't care for other males) and you can tell if he would have been raised like a pet, he would have been a great little dog!  His puppies are known for having the best personalities around and really being precious dogs.  After getting to know him, I can see that easily! 

Loaner is just now having his first litter for us here at Renegade!  He has puppies all over the world and produces champions, BETs, you name it!  We are anxiously awaiting the opening of the eyes from his first litter with Red, which you can see more of on the Nursery page!

Photos from Loaner's past are credit to his former breeder Lindsey Porter and owner Keisha Bowman.

More Photos of Loaner

CH Lindsey's Lost on a Loan to Color Country

​​Eye color: Blue

Coat Color: Red Merle

Ear set: Button

Bite: Scissor

What I know of Loaner's story isn't really a great one.  I know he he was raised as a kennel dog and wasn't really socialized so he is scared almost all the time.  I know that he was passed around from home to home to home, having puppies and then moving on again.  I do know that he had some good homes along the way that took time to get to know him and love on him, but it just never really lasted.  Loaner will be 8 years old this April and his time as a breeding dog is nearing an end.  I brought him here with this in mind.  While he is here, he will be loved.  He will get petted and talked sweetly to, and given good scratches behind the ears.  Oh, there will be girls.. But most of all there will be consistency!  When it is finally time for him to retire, he is going to move one more time- to a large farm where he can run as much as he wants  to, lounge in the sun all day long, and live out the rest of his life happy- never to be passed around again.  I knew when I got him that I wouldn't have him for long- but I want to give him the same gift he is here giving Renegade- A LIFE.

Photo credit Lindsey Porter