Renegade Miniature Aussies

Renegade Miniature Aussies

Quinn x Boomer Litter DOB 2.6.2020

Quinn is one of the sweetest and funniest girls we have here.  She still acts like a puppy but is a fabulous mother, and her puppies are always as thick and chunky as little bulldogs!  She loves everyone and grins from ear to ear every time she sees us.  She is a real joy to own and love!  Boomer is our homegrown boy out of Hero and Raisin.  He gives his puppies friendly and outgoing personalities.  I believe he got ALL the family drive and is extremely energetic and athletic, easily clearing a 5 ft fence from flat footed in a single jump.  These babies are guaranteed to be brick house, toddling tanks that will go anywhere and do anything with their people!


With all this lockdown time, we know ​​a lot of you are moving timelines up for adding puppies into your family.  We have the puppies, but what we don't have is the ability to ship them.  Air travel with pets is EXTREMELY limited at this time and the ability to fly a puppy to you on it's own is basically ZERO.  Believe me, I hate this as much as you do!  If you are willing to buy a ticket and fly here yourself - to LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS- tickets are dirt cheap right now if you can find a flight that isn't canceled.  I am more than willing to meet you at the airport with your puppy.  Otherwise, we are limited to using my family to hand deliver puppies to a reasonable meeting place on THEIR availability.  AKA You are going to have to DRIVE OR FLY to get your puppy to some degree.  We will do all we can to help get your puppy to you, but please understand these are not our limitations but ones we must live with for now, and we cannot hold a puppy for you for 4-6 months until this virus blows over and he can be shipped to you. 

Work with us to get your baby home and we will work with you as best as we can as a HIGH RISK FAMILY.

CH Beanie x Boomer Litter DOB 2.4.2020

Quinn is clear for MDR1, PRA-PRCD, and HSF4 by parentage.

Boomer is full panel clear by parentage!

Puppies will be clear by parentage for MDR1, PRA-PRCD, and HSF4!