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Renegade Mini Aussies

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Hero is the culmination of two growing programs putting their absolute best together in hope of producing the best- and look what happened!  Hero is out of our Tigress (Braylyn x Levi) and J&B's CH Hooey.  I could not be more proud of what resulted in that cross!  Hero and his sister Jewel now reside with us here at Renegade and Tigress moved on to J&B.  Hero doesn't have an epic story behind him, but hopefully throughout his career, his name will resonate with those that choose to go through an epic story so our lives can be this wonderful.  We at Renegade wish to use our very best to honor those brave men and women who gave their all for our freedoms.

Hero is a dork and a half!  If ever there was a dog that should have been named "GOOBER" this is him!  He is super thick and that just makes his clutzy nature even more hilarious!  He will bowl you over while running in for a scratchin' behind the ears or step all over your feet while trying to jump up for extra attention.  He has never met a stranger- dog, cat, chicken, or person and wants to play 24/7.  I cannot wait to get this boy in the show ring and in the program to see what he produces!

Eye color: Blue

Coat Color: Blue Merle

Ear set: Button

Bite: Scissor

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