Renegade Mini Aussies

Renegade Mini Aussies

EchoCliff CircleKFarm LvnLife W/Gusto

We are so incredibly honored and blessed to add Gus to our program!  He is everything we could have hoped for and more, and he will single handedly set our program considerably farther forward than we could do on our own in several generations.  Gus was born at Echo Cliff Mini Aussies and then loved by Circle K Farms.  When he grew too big for their program, they broken-heartedly made him available and gave us the chance to work some magic and bring him here!  His structure is incredible, his personality is one of the absolute best, and boy oh boy is he NICE!!  Not to mention he comes directly from bloodlines I have drooled over since beginning with the aussies years ago!  We will forever be grateful to Dona at Circle K Farms for the kindness and grace she showed us in allowing Gus to come and live with us.  Photos are coming soon- he's just too busy goofing off to let me get any decent ones!

Gus is such a goofball.  He's not high drive and not high energy- he would much rather snuggle and attempt to sit in your lap than go chase a ball.  He loves giving kisses and is always seeking approval in everything he does.  His puppies are the sweetest, most precious babies and they are so stunning it's not funny!


Eye color: Blue

Coat Color: Black tri

Ear set: Button

Bite: Scissor


MDR1: N/N              HUU:  N/N

HSF4: N/N               CEA: N/N

PRA-PRCD: N/N      DM: N/N

Gus' Story

Gus has yet to sire any puppies but we are very anxiously awaiting his first litter this spring!

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More Photos of Gus