Renegade Mini Aussies

Renegade Mini Aussies

Shimmering In Red Dottie

Simply stunning..  Dottie sure puts her stamp on her puppies!  You can see Dottie's newest babies in the nursery!  They don't disappoint either!

Dottie is a precious, precious girl!  She loves everyone she meets, especially children and babies of any species!  She is the single most phenominal mother we have and she makes the most gorgeous babies that always share her personality.  She can be a bit shy at times, but she will do anything for a cuddle and she will sit in your lap until starvation sets in.  She has her quirks, just like we all do, but you just can't top Dottie or one of her puppies.  Hands down, some of our very best puppies come from Dottie!

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More Photos of Dottie

As gorgeous as Dottie is, she is NOT photogenic in the least!  

I'm working to get new pictures of her, but she's a lot like me- and the camera usually is not a fan!  Ha ha!

Dottie's Past Puppies

Dottie's Story


Dottie came to us a few years ago as a mature adult.  She had lived in one home most of her life and then was returned to her breeder, who opted not to keep her past the litter she was expecting.  I had loved Dottie's brother for a long time and when the opportunity came up to add Dottie to our home, I jumped at the chance and boy was she worth it!  Dottie's first litter gave us our Belle, that we loved fiercely and lost tragically.  She has been a great mother to her puppies, puppies that needed a little more help than their own moms could offer, and even to a couple of rescue kittens!  My favorite Dottie story was when we had just seperated Dottie and her litter of puppies that were about 9 weeks old.  Dottie was in the yard and the puppies were playing on a fenced in porch inside the yard.  *SOMEHOW* Dottie kept ending up on the porch with the puppies- which would require jumping 8 feet or climbing over two separate gates on the stairway (much more difficult than it sounds now).  Finally, we moved Dottie from that yard to another so she would stop stealing the puppies' food and stop letting them nurse.  Not long after, I heard a noise and went to check.  Sweet, silly Dottie had dug out of the yard she was in (through hot wire!), dug INTO the yard the puppies were in, and was ON HER BELLY shimmying up the HANDRAIL of the porch to bypass the gates and get in with her puppies!  I could not make this up if I TRIED!  Once she realized she was caught, she bailed 5 feet down off the handrail, slipped under the fence, and then back into her own yard as if nothing had happened.  To this day I am in awe of her dedication to her puppies!  Her silly self is always up for a belly rub and is here to help any baby anywhere in need of some love.

Eye color: Right- Amber, Left- Blue

Coat Color: Red Merle w/Copper

Ear set: Button

Bite: Scissor