Renegade Mini Aussies

Renegade Mini Aussies



​It never fails..  A wonderful family FILLS OUT THE ADOPTION APPLICATION to contact us about a puppy.  They ask all the right questions, the get pictures, personality profiles, the works.  They are 99% sure that they want her "BUT I want to wait until next week," "BUT I am trying to decide between her and a different pup," "BUT it is a big decision"  BUT, BUT, BUT!  Then within 24 hours another family inquires on the same puppy and sends in a deposit.  A couple days later, family #1 calls me back saying that this puppy is the only one for them, their perfect dream dog.. and she's gone.

Please understand, I completely agree that each of those "buts" is one big enough to stop and think about!  I don't have any notion that you chose to look at our pups and only our pups.  It makes complete sense to look at more than one breeder!  It is totally possible that a great puppy comes along at "not the right time."  And it is most certainly a HUGE decision!  *However* the puppy is here *NOW* and if this isn't a good time, then it won't do any justice to you or the puppy.  As much as it hurts, you need to wait until the timing is better.  If you have narrowed it down to two or three puppies and one of ours is in the final line up, excellent!  That is why we have a courtesy 24 hour hold, but you should know pretty soon after that time which one you really want.  (If you heard that all the puppies in your lineup were sold already, which one would you be the most upset over??)  And finally- yes, it is a big decision, but I would hope that you have already weighed all of that before we sent you the countless pictures, pedigree info, parents pics, health clearances, etc etc.  I want to be sure our puppies go to amazing homes, and I am happy to give you any information I have on your puppy, but our time is valuable- just as yours is.

I'm interested in [Insert adorable puppy name here]!!

Yeah!  Out of all the gorgeous puppies in the world and you have fallen in love with one of ours!  At this point, FILL OUT THE ADOPTION APPLICATION!  We *LOVE* to talk Aussie and will very likely keep talking long after you have heard all you wanted, and more!  We never push people to adopt one of our puppies.   This application gets all the basic questions out of the way so we can be sure the puppy you are attracted to would be a good match.  If you are not a good fit, I WILL TELL YOU!  I believe it does no one any good if the dog's personality will never let it be what the owner desires.  I will let you know if there is another puppy available that meets your needs, but I will never try to talk you into it.

Do I *HAVE* to put down a deposit today?

Of course not!  Selecting the right puppy for your family is a big deal and I don't want you to jump to conclusions about one of our puppies.  Take your time!  After you have expressed interest in your puppy, we will put the puppy on a complimentary courtesy hold for 24 hours to give you time to make your decision.  This hold will not show on the website like deposit holds, but we will not allow any other inquiries on that puppy to progress until you have made your decision.  If you choose to put down a deposit, the other inquiries will be turned away, it will be marked "PENDING" on the nursery page, and when the contract and deposit arrive, we will mark the puppy "RESERVED"  If you decline the puppy after the 24 hour hold, we will approach the next potential owner to see if they are a good match.  IF THERE IS NO CONTACT DURING THE 24 HOUR HOLD AND IT EXPIRES WITHOUT US HAVING AN ANSWER FROM YOU, WE WILL CONSIDER IT A DECLINE AND MOVE ON!  If your time is nearing an end and you just need a few more hours/more info/ANYTHING just let us know!  We don't place puppies strictly on a first come first serve basis, but let's be real for a minute.  If you have a gorgeous puppy for sale, all of a sudden, even people that don't even like dogs become interested, and they can't all have the one puppy.  We place our puppies in the first *QUALIFIED* home that we feel would be a good fit.  I'll go ahead and take the time now to say that we reserve the right to deny placement of any puppy, to any person, at any time, for any reason.

I'm ready!  How do I put down a deposit?

It is *SO* easy!  You can choose one of the following three options *AFTER* you have spoken with us personally:

1.  Print out a copy of the correctcontract(found at the bottom of the nursery page), fill out as much as you know about the puppy, sign it, and mail it and a $250 Money Order to us ($500 for puppies sold with full rights). 

2.  Print, sign, and mail/email the correct contract to us, and pay the deposit by PayPal or bank transfer.  We do accept PayPal (for deposits only) but all fees are your responsibility, so remember to send $260 (instead of $250, or $518 for full rights) to cover the fees charged by PayPal.

3.  We also accept Facebook pay, Walmart 2 Walmart transfers

We will notify you as soon as your deposit arrives, and we will change your puppy's listing from PENDING to RESERVED.

If I change my mind, is my deposit refundable?

​No, it is not refundable.  It is, however, TRANSFERABLE for one whole year!  We don't have luxury cars or butlers or piles of money lying around.  We are just regular people like everyone else, and the money we bring in from the dogs, goes right back out to the dogs.  We have vet bills, food expenses, health testing, show/travel fees, etc to cover and so we don't have your deposit sitting around- we put it to work!!  Do you see the silver lining here?  If timing doesn't work out, or you change your mind on color, or whatever- now you have a deposit sitting on any available future puppy we have for AN ENTIRE YEAR!  NOTE* the deposit does not lock in the price of your original puppy.  You can't put down a deposit on a $400 tri male pet and expect to get a show quality, blue eyed, blue merle female for $400.  The deposit will be applied to the listed price of whichever puppy you choose to put it on.  $400 - $250 = $150         $1500 - $250 = $1250

Can I transfer my deposit from one puppy to another?

This one is tricky, and it will depend on the situation.  Family issues prevent good timing, yes.  Show puppy doesn't turn out for show, yes.  Eye color/marking change, no.  Some puppies are harder to place than others (color, markings, etc) and young puppies are always preferred over older puppies.  If you want to move to a younger puppy, we may have missed out on several potential homes on the older pup while we were holding him for you, and that isn't fair to us or the puppy.  However, if you are within a few days of putting down your deposit and you change your mind, or you end up falling in love with an older pup you didn't notice before, we can surely figure it out.  **We do NOT allow the transfer of deposits placed before eyes open based on eye color!!!

Can I put a deposit on an Upcoming Litter?

Absolutely!  In fact, if we don't have the puppy you are looking for currently, putting down a deposit on an upcoming litter is the very BEST way to get your dream puppy!  Have a look at our Upcoming Litters page and see what is coming up, or visit our Males and Females pages to pick your favorite parents.  Feel free to ask if "Mighty" and "Paris" are ever going to have a litter or when "Eden's" next litter will be.  Once we have discussed the approximate date for your desired litter (we won't take deposits on litters more than one year out) you can print out/ fill out/ and sign the Upcoming Litter Deposit contract.  Be sure to specify what you are looking for whether it be just a male/female preference or a "blue eyed, red tri, female" sort of desire.  When the puppies are born, you will be the first notified.  If your puppy is in the mix, congrats!  If not, your deposit will be able to transfer to any litter for one whole year OR the next repeat breeding.

Do I *HAVE* to put down a deposit to reserve my puppy?  Why?

Outside of the 24 hour courtesy hold, YES.  No puppy will be held for more than 24 hours without a deposit.  Sadly, the vast majority of people that contact us are simply "puppy shopping."  They are searching for that "what if" puppy and not really serious about purchasing one at this time.  They say all the right things, ask all the right questions, and many of them even go so far as to say they are mailing a deposit and then are never to be heard from again.  In the mean time, we have delayed potential families and may have lost them altogether.  We are serious about our bloodlines, our dogs, and the puppies we are blessed with.  We just ask if you genuinely love them as much as we do, be as serious about them and secure your puppy with a deposit.

What if my deposit is on the way, but another person's deposit for my puppy arrives first?

It is very doubtful that this will happen.  As I said before, we don't place with any first person to come along.  If we have been dealing with you and you tell us the deposit is on the way, we will give you three (3) business days for the contract and money order to arrive.  Understanding that life and snail mail happen, if the deposit doesn't arrive in those three days, we will notify you of the situation.  If it is already in the mail, we will wait an additional two (2) business days for it to arrive.  If on the fifth business day we still haven't received the deposit, we will notify you again and offer you 24 hours to place the deposit via bank transfer before making your puppy available again.  If you will be making the deposit with PayPal/bank transfer initially, we will give you 48 hours to do so.

During the time we are waiting for the deposit to arrive, whether by mail or online, your puppy is on hold and marked as "PENDING."  Anyone else interested will have to wait until the deposit is made or your hold time runs out.  No one else will be "allowed" to send in a deposit on your puppy.  For example, if we are working with "Suzie" on getting a deposit to adopt "Fluffy" and "Jennifer" rushes in a deposit in an attempt to get the puppy first, we will honor our agreements with "Suzie."  When "Suzie's" deposit arrives, "Jennifer" will be informed that "Fluffy" has been reserved and given a list of other available potential matches.  If she can't find one she will be happy with, "Jennifer's" deposit will carry for one year before expiring.  And "Jennifer," please remember our deposits are not refundable!

What happens to my deposit after my year has expired if I didn't select a puppy?

For the last year, we have been sending you litter updates, litter arrivals, pictures, information, and keeping you very much in the loop.  We want to be sure to give you as much information as we can to help you make the best decision possible for your family.  We have been sure to keep you aware of the approaching expiration date of your deposit and offer any available puppies we may have.  That being said, after the one year expiration date of your deposit, we will have earned the $250 and will no longer bother you with litter news.  If there is a specific reason the expiration should be extended (no litters for six months, etc) just let us know.  We would be happy to reevaluate the situation and find a resolution.

WHEW!!  That's A LOT of information on deposits!  I'm sure we will run into some more questions down the road, but until then, if you need to know something not covered here CONTACT US and we will get right back to you!  We never try to hide anything or beat around the bush.. we want you to KNOW this is the right time for you to bring a puppy into your family and we want you to be as  THRILLED as we are that the puppy you have selected is a Renegade puppy!

The Next Step..

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