Renegade Mini Aussies

Renegade Mini Aussies

This handsome fellow is CH Color Country's Gator, son of Cowgirl and their amazing sire Incognito.  I don't have any Cowgirl littles of my own yet, but I wanted to show just how stunning this guy is and I am so proud to own his momma now!  Gator's photos are taken by and owned by Color Country Aussies.


CHAMPION Color Country's Cowgirl

More Photos of Cowgirl

Cowgirl has opened my eyes to many things in the time she has been here with us.  She was added to our program as an adult in 2015 and I was simply beside myself to go pick her up.  We drove out of state to meet her owners half way.  When we arrived, she was so emaciated that she didn't even look like the same dog.  Her coat was thin and brittle, her ears were fly bit, and she was skin and bones!  I was given the "oh she just won't eat!" story.  I brought her home anyway.  She was desperate to be obedient but scared of life itself because she was a "kennel dog."  Any little noise would send her running for the hills.  (I do need to insert here, I did not get Cowgirl directly from Color Country- it was an individual that was selling her only two mini females, Cowgirl and Jasmine.)  Several weeks passed and she slowly started getting a bit better.  She would come almost within arms reach, sniff my fingers and the run off again- but progress is progress!  Then out of nowhere, tragedy struck and Cowgirl was the recipient of a nearly fatal bitch fight.  Her large wounds quickly became infected and she spent several days with different vets, and lots and lots of quality time with me.  With our multiple baths per day, and one on one time she finally began to open up and see life for what it could be.  She knew I wasn't going to hurt her.  She could finally truly trust someone, and it was me.  The day it snowed was magical.  Cowgirl had only ever been off lead at our new home once before and it was a catastrophic accident.  I was not home and when my family tried to move in her new dog house, she slipped past them and escaped.  She was in a new place, with people she didn't trust, IN THE DARK.  They tried their best to catch her to no avail and I flew home.  She settled down and came right to me, thankfully!  But this day- this snow day- I made the decision to let her run FREELY, no leash no fences, with the other dogs in the snow and magic happened!  I saw her SMILE!  For the first time in who-knows-how-long she was HAPPY, truly HAPPY and I cried.  She ran and bounded and played like a puppy in a meadow..  Anything in her past was gone.  She wasn't a kennel dog anymore.  She was happy!  

With all the adventures we have shared with Cowgirl thus far, I didn't find it fair to breed her in such trying times so we haven't yet had a litter with her.  

We will be expecting our first litter with her this fall, and I can't wait to see those little ones!

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Cowgirl's Story

Cowgirl has a golden heart and I can see the puppy in her eyes.  I don't know what her whole life entailed before she came to us, but I know for at least year before, she was very, very unhappy.  Since coming to Renegade, she has really opened up to let us see her real personality.  She is bubbly and happy, wags her whole self with everything in her.  She loves to be loved on and gives it back tenfold.  She is one of the most precious dogs we have here at Renegade, and I am confident we will see it in her puppies as well.

Eye color: Brown

Coat Color: Black tri with heavy ticking

Ear set: Button

Bite: Scissor


Cowgirl's Past Puppies