Renegade Miniature Aussies

Renegade Miniature Aussies


It looks like things are finally starting to settle back down a little!  American Airlines has finally opened back up for pet shipments, but on limited flights, possibly some additional charges, and of course, they can't ship out if *ANY* point along the trip hits 85 degrees or above.  That's my airport, your airport, or the layover- and hours matter.  We will do all we can to plan flights timed with cold fronts, rainy days, alternate layover airports- whatever we can to help your baby get home, but until United reopens for pet shipments, there are no guarantees of puppy flights so please be understanding and start looking at back up options like driving, partial delivery, or flying here to pick up your puppy at the airport.  Thank you all so much for your patience and amazing understanding during this chaotic time for us all!!

Renegade Mini Aussies
Vilonia, AR 72173

Phone:  501-472-7908   Yes!  We Text!

Please note the current time before calling or texting!

We answer calls and texts from 9am to 9pm CST.

Want to know more?  Feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call!  We welcome any questions you may have about our family, our dogs, or our puppies!   If you are seriously interested in adding a Renegade Mini Aussie to your family, we would love to meet you in person and have you meet your dog and it's relatives.  After all, you are choosing a life long family member and we want you to be over the moon with your Renegade Mini Aussie from the time you meet them until you return for your next one!  However, these are our pets and they are raised at our home.  We are far from a commercial facility that can accommodate drop ins or last minute tourists.  We do not allow people into our homes that are simply wanting to cuddle the puppies and move on to the next warm-and-fuzzy stop.  Please be respectful of our time and work with us to find a time in both of our schedules that will accommodate you and your family's visit to pick up your puppy.

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