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Bella is everything we could have hoped for and more from her litter.  She is short (13"), stocky, thick coat, smart as a whip, lovely head, gorgeous button ears and a nicely marked blue eyed blue merle to boot!  I'll be honest, I went back and forth about placing her from the day she was born.  She was never listed anywhere but I didn't "need" a keeper at the time.  She was born a couple months before our big move and then we had a "friend" who wanted her.  Came over to visit her all the time, but never got their act together so they could take her or really even show that they had any intentions of doing anything besides claiming her.  Of course, I start getting attached.  Long story short, turns out that "friend" wasn't such a friend after all and I decided I'd better just keep her, and that is one of the very best decisions I could have made.  I simply cannot wait until this fall when we have her first litter planned.  We have some gorgeous boys here at Renegade but she's going to an outside boy that's as small and stocky as she is- and I'm already trying to figure out how I'm going to manage to keep ALL OF THEM!  

Bella is a super stocky little thing with a personality much bigger than herself.  She is sweet and loving during cuddle time, but if you open her door she will run laps around the house until long after the other puppies stopped for a rest!  She is always on the go, ready to play, and just doesn't have time to slow down- unless you are offering belly rubs- then anything goes!  I'm looking forward to what this little girl offers our program starting the summer of 2016!

Eye color: BLUE

Coat Color: Blue merle

Ear set: Button

Bite: Scissor

​​Height: 13"

Renegade's Bella' the Ball

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