Renegade Miniature Aussies

Renegade Miniature Aussies


From Timberline     19" Small Standard

Female  $1750 w/ Full Rights 

Phoenyx is a great dog.  She's more working type in body and quite drivey herself, but she tends to reliably produce the sire you breed her to.  We added her to our program under the assumption she was "about 17" tall and she's just too big.  Thankfully, when bred to our Hero she produced mid sized minis up to standards so we have some smaller girls coming up to take her place.  She's very determined when she sets her mind to something but she's extremely loyal and wants desperately to please you, so she does great with obedience if you put in the time to keep it up.  She's a fantastic mother who has large litters but she will pick on other females so she needs to run alone with a stud if you aren't going to be right there watching them while out.  She's a great girl, I just wish she was a LOT smaller..


​Outside Lines     Large Toy

Female  $750 w/ Full Rights 

​​We took a chance on Feather and brought her into our program due to her stunning markings and lovely body structure for her size.  She recently had her first litter and was not the "natural" mother we had hoped for.  More details for seriously interested parties.

"Dolly"  9 Months old

​Trigger x Wink     Large Toy 

Female  $500 as Pet Only 

​​Very playful and friendly, affectionate, but does play "keep away"

UPDATED 3/24/2020

Adults Looking to Retire

The adults shown below are looking to retire.  They are not available with breeding rights.  They are loving and affectionate dogs that would love a couch or bed to retire on and spend the rest of their days as a part of your family!  Their adoption fees will vary but will include spay or neuter, dental cleaning, and I'll have any additional vetting they may need done at that same time to be sure they go home to you in tip top shape!  These dogs have my heart, and please understand you will be taking a piece of my heart when they go, so I will cry before and after, if not during, them leaving, so please be kind and understanding when inquiring and following up!

Adults for Sale

Serious inquiries only.

Available Adults and Older Puppies

For one reason or another, the dogs and puppies listed on this page are available but they don't really fit into our "nursery" full of puppy breath.  It isn't their fault really, that they would outshine all that fluffiness with their brains and brawn!  Sometimes, we choose a different direction for our program and an adult or two that have been really good to us just don't fit the new goals we have set for ourselves, or maybe they just decided they would rather be a couch potato!  Who doesn't want to retire early and live out the rest of their days on the farm?  Other times the best puppy in the litter was held back for evaluation but for one reason or another won't be staying at Renegade but is available to a reputable program.  Who knows??  This page is full of unpredictability and potential!  Each listing will offer all the details about the dog or puppy in question.  If you have any further questions about them, please feel free to inquire by phone or email!