Renegade Miniature Aussies

Renegade Miniature Aussies

Black Tri, Brown Eyes  

Sire:  Renegade's Some Gave All
Dam: WillowCreek's Jordan's Legacy

Our move has brought on a number of life changes and priority shifts.  We will be placing or retiring several dogs, including those of breeding age or nearly breeding age.  If you are seriously looking to expand your program with quality Aussies, please send me an email.  Please note- these dogs are FOR sale, not ON sale- so don't expect to be handed the world for nothing.  Those "aussies" are found on Craigslist.

Renegade's Midnight Summer's Dream


Renegade Dante's Eternal Flame


UPDATED 10/14/2021


Renegade's How To Train Your Dragon

PRA/PRCD: N/N    MDR1:  N/N or N/M    HSF4: N/N (​By Parentage)


Testing TBD



Adults Looking to Retire

Serious inquiries only.


Renegade's HomeRun Kidd

Black Tri, Blue Eyes      17-18"ish

Sire: EchoCliff CircleKFarm LvnLife W/Gusto

Dam: Renegade's Crown Jewels

Big ole baby, reserved but super sweet. Ears are both button, one was injured so it is now "up".  Phenominal puppies, just bigger than we need for our program and we are keeping his full brother Barney.

The adults shown below are looking to retire.  They are not available with breeding rights.  They are loving and affectionate dogs that would love a couch or bed to retire on and spend the rest of their days as a part of your family!  Their adoption fees will vary but will include spay or neuter, dental cleaning, and I'll have any additional vetting they may need done at that same time to be sure they go home to you in tip top shape!  These dogs have my heart, and please understand you will be taking a piece of my heart when they go, so I will cry before and after, if not during, them leaving, so please be kind and understanding when inquiring and following up!

Adults for Sale

Blue Merle Female, Brown Eyes

Sire:  Renegade's HomeRun Kidd
Dam: Renegade's I'm Feeling Ducky

Blue Merle, Brown Eyes  18"

Sire: Renegade's Some Gave All

Dam: Rustic Lace's Renegade

Summer Night

Turned 4 last week, had 3 litters (7-10 puppies), very outgoing and affectionate, easy going girl, good mother, gorgeous puppies. Just too big for our program.

Blue Merle Female, Blue Eyes

Sire:  Renegade's HomeRun Kidd
Dam: Ozark Renegade's Risky Business


Older Puppies Available

Serious inquiries only.

PRA/PRCD: N/N      HSF4:  N/N

MDR1:  N/N             CEA:  N/N

CD1:  N/N                CMR1:  N/N

DM:  N/N or N/M     HUU:  N/N or N/M

(By Parentage)

Atypical Blue Merle Male, Brown Eyes,  Estimated Mature Size 15-16" and 20ish lbs

Sire: Renegade's HomeRun Kidd

Dam: Renegade's Itty Bitty Force of Nature

Chunks, named by my daughters for how chunky he was as a pup, is just a doll!  He's friendly and outgoing and loves to wag that tail of his!  He's still here simply because he didn't get any advertising so no one knew about him so he's just been waiting for the right family to come along.  Is that you?




Blue Merle, Brown Eyes/ Blue Flecks   

Sire: CH Renegade's Little Red Jaguar
Dam: Renegade's Over the Moon w/MMA

This is an old photo- Hes 1yr 4 mos now.  Proven sire. GORGEOUS boy and puppies. SUPER outgoing and playful. Darn near perfect but he's really high drive and picks on/injures Jag through the fence.  Can't mess with my boy Jag.  ;) 


Available Adults and Older Puppies

For one reason or another, the dogs and puppies listed on this page are available but they don't really fit into our "nursery" full of puppy breath.  It isn't their fault really, that they would outshine all that fluffiness with their brains and brawn!  Sometimes, we choose a different direction for our program and an adult or two that have been really good to us just don't fit the new goals we have set for ourselves, or maybe they just decided they would rather be a couch potato!  Who doesn't want to retire early and live out the rest of their days on the farm?  Other times the best puppy in the litter was held back for evaluation but for one reason or another won't be staying at Renegade but is available to a reputable program.  Who knows??  This page is full of unpredictability and potential!  Each listing will offer all the details about the dog or puppy in question.  If you have any further questions about them, please feel free to inquire by phone or email!