Renegade Mini Aussies

Renegade Mini Aussies

Renegade started with two families instead of one.  Together, we got a solid foundation and started building a name.  

In early 2015 our family dynamics began to change and one family stepped out as the farm was sold, and the dogs all came to live with us.

Since then, our program has gotten even stronger.  With only one family to work the dogs instead of two, only the very best dogs could remain.

We moved to a new home, late in 2015 so the dogs could have more room to run and we could enjoy them much more as part of the family.

It is still a work in progress, because as we have all learned, work never stops.  For now, we have a large building set aside for the dogs.

They don't live in the building around the clock like most commercial kennels, they simply have full access to a safe spot with full time heat

and air conditioning to save them from the scalding Arkansas heat.  Most of their days are actually spent playing in the yard, digging holes,

splashing in the swimming pools, and enjoying life!  Their yards adjoin our family backyard so they can join us in playtime on nice days.

Our family is growing and our two daughters love the puppies as much (possibly even MORE) than we do!  They love and snuggle the babies while watching tv and play with the older puppies in the yard under the maple trees.  They help us with chores, help puppies get ready to go to their new homes, and our oldest daughter even helps when they are born.  It truly is a family passion, and I wouldn't trade it for the world!

We pride ourselves on being true and honest about everything in life, especially our dogs.  If you have a question, feel free to ask it and we will answer it as

openly and honestly as we can.  We have tried to provide as many answers as we can online, but always enjoy when a prospective home has even deeper questions- especially about their potential family member!  These puppies will be part of your family for a LONG time, so we want to be certain that you are happy with them and that they are a good fit for your family!

We love to travel!  Whether it is visiting family up north, heading for the mountains out west, or just going for a drive- many weekends out of the year one or both of our families are out on the road!  If you would rather not have your puppy fly or if you are curious if we are heading your direction, just let us know!  It is always more fun to bring a puppy along!  We will gladly do so for less than the cost of shipping via air if we can.  Besides, we LOVE to watch our puppies meet their new families!

Renegade is now producing *THIRD* generation puppies that are heads above the dogs we started with.  

We will forever be grateful to those that helped us get started and offered to share their lines with us!

About Our Puppies

At 6-8 weeks, the puppies are allowed to play in a transition pen with other puppies where they can discover grass, sand, and dirt, as well as new playthings and toys!


Puppies will receive their wormings at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age, and their vaccinations at 5, 7, and 9 weeks of age.  Before they go home, they will have been on multiple surfaces, met many varieties of animals, had their first shots, wormings, baths, and will have made their first car ride.


Each puppy will come with their contract papers, health records, bag of their food, and a toy to help ease the transition of moving to a new home to join their forever family.

Renegade puppies are born in our home and loved on daily by our family.  The mothers are spoiled and doted on so they can give their very best to their new babies.  When the puppies are a little older, they are moved (with their mother, of course) to our "dog house" building where mommas have their own private yards to stretch their legs in and go out to potty as often as necessary.  We often find them lounging outside taking a quick nap away from the constant demands of motherhood.  The puppies are held and played with daily to help them develop mentally, physically, and socially.  

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